PHS Economics Online is for students who need to study and complete the course online.

  • The textbook may be accessed online...see link below.
  • A list of assignments is posted for each chapter with the approximate time frame chapters should be completed. Assignments need to be completed by the student and emailed to the teacher.
  • Students should try and complete the assignments within the time frame posted.
  • There is no penalty for assignments that are not completed within the time frame, but students should not wait until the end of the semester, if possible.
  • The Economic Digest is the final exam. See information below to choose your book, start your journal, answer additional questions and complete the assignment. See the rubric for what is needed to complete the assignment. See the timeline for help completing the assignment on time.
  • Students should email Mrs. Guerdat or Mr. Doser if they have any questions or concerns or need help.
  • EPP_Cover.jpgTextbook Online

Mrs. Guerdat - Nancy_Guerdat@penfield.monroe.edu
Mr. Doser - Mark_Doser@penfield.monroe.edu

The Economic Digest - Final Project
Choose a book from the list or find a book about economics that interests you and ask the teacher for approval.

Keep a journal as you read (see process and instructions)
Complete other activities related to project. See rubric for clarification.
Complete assignment for final exam grade. Due in June.